Friday, 8 September 2017

The Write Guides

I'm Helen Bolam a self-published author and blogger.

The Write Guides are four eBooks to help you take your writing further, their packed full of things I've discovered over the years with blogging and self-confidence, with plenty of tips and tricks to which I had to learn along the way.

They're normally $6 each, but you can get the four-pack for $18:

Writing Online: Make a Living Writing and Publishing ($6) will teach you how to:

-Write an article in 30 mins

- How to start your own website

- Research your blog posts thoroughly

- How to write and publish your eBook

Grammar, Punctuation and Sentences: An Indispensable Guide for Writer's ($6) will teach you how to:

- Easy-to-follow, clear and concise, offering "just the facts"

- Rules of Grammar and Punctuation, with examples

- How to write impeccable sentences

- How to use nouns and verbs properly

Powered by Blogger: Start a Blogger and Make Money Online ($6) will teach you how to:

- Start your blog for free from scratch

- Customise your blog and monetize it

- Build your traffic organically

- Use SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) and increase your traffic

Affiliate Marketing Basics: How to Sell Other People's Products on Your Blog ($6) will teach you how to:

- Become an Affiliate Marketer

- Master Internet Marketing

- Promote Affiliate Links

- How to Convert Your Blog Traffic into Sales